Safe Gaming Practices

Safe Gaming

Safe GamingYears ago, gaming was something that you did on your own or with friends in your own home. Nowadays, with Internet gaming, the social aspects are endless. The Internet has provided us with an entire world available for anyone to connect with us. While this can be a good thing and a great opportunity to meet others, it also makes people more vulnerable to danger.

It is easy to find games online that are free and easy to play. These games usually only require you including an identity and other basic details. Of course, most people who participate in these games are just wasting their own free time hours, but there are those who are wanting to exploit those who are innocent in these games.

Because of this, games that you play online must be played in a way that keeps you safe. Most of us visually change vigilantly monitor how much information we give out online, but sometimes the experience of the game can make us make poor choices and give out information we would not otherwise. The games that we play online are supposed to help us relax, which is why we play them. When we are relaxed, though, we can tend to overlook things that we would not otherwise. This can result in us giving information to others that we would not do in another situation.

Even though we form camaraderie with other people we’re playing with online, we must remember that we do not know that they really are. Sharing some information about us is okay, but it is wise to not reveal anything that identifies who you are such as your actual name, your age, or address. This is true especially for younger children. If you have young children that use the Internet, you need to monitor their online access always. Make sure they understand the difference between their online friends in real life friends.

Playing games online is a great way to relax and have fun, but you need to keep it fun by staying safe. Always remember that things are not what they seem always online and keep your personal information to yourself rather than sharing it with others.


Staying Healthy Despite Your Gaming Addiction

gamer's food

gamer's foodIf you’re a gamer, you know that staying active is a distraction from what we really want to do, gaming. At times, we have issues motivating ourselves to put down the controller and start moving. Because of this, came up with four different ways to add fitness to your gaming. Read below to find his ideas.

  1. She’s to play an active game. Most games will offer some type of game that is active, whether it’s dancing, playing a sport, or singing karaoke. If you want to add a workout to your game, when it’s going to get you up and moving.
  2. Put on some weights. One easy way to help you stay fit is to wear a pair of wrist weights. While you game, these weights can help pump you up, create resistance, increase the number of calories you burn, and build muscle.
  3. Play standing up. Alternate sitting down and standing up during playtime. This will give your back is that it need you out of the chair.
  4. Drop the snacks. This is probably one of the easiest ways to lose weight as a gamer. This is not a fun thing to do while you game, but it will certainly help lighten your load. If you must snack, try popcorn and juice or water. This will leave you feeling better and give you more energy to game.
  5. Take a stretch. While your game is loading or there is a level break, do a little bit of stretching. Stretch out your arms and legs after winning a race. Get the blood moving by shaking it all out and you will feel a lot better. Be sure to stretch out your neck and your arms. They can otherwise get cramped and sore after a long gaming session.

No, following these guidelines will not transform your body in a weeks’ time, but they would give your life more activity and get your blood pumping the way it needs to. Besides, it’ll give you more energy to game.

Chase Your Dreams, It’s Good For You

Every kid around the age of 7-9 (usually) begins to realize that they love something. I’m talking about love something to the point that they will give anything to do that once thing. In society, we call this passion. So whether a kid loves legos and grows up to start his own roofing company, fixes houses, and builds creative things with his hands, or is fascinated with drawing images and grows up to be a fashion designer or a building architect for that matter, we all have something inside of us that steers us in a certain direction.

Would you agree with this?

I’ve always believed that we are born with God-gifted talent. A talent so strong that if you stay true to yourself, you unlock your full potential.

The problem is that a lot of people don’t give themselves a chance to reach their unique pinnacle. They let society determine who they become. Whether it be their parents, teachers, friends, spouses, they always have someone in their ear telling them why they shouldn’t do something.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your inner voice is disproportionately more important than others opinions. And if you don’t start believing this now, you too may fall into the mousetrap of the rat race.

You see, if the Malarkey family never chased their dreams, they would have never built a roofing company empire. They would have never sold roofing product, or fixed a single roof.

The same thing is true with star athletes. Take Michael Jordan for example. He got cut from his junior varsity team in high school! If he would have listened to his coaches saying he wasn’t good enough, fast enough, strong enough, skilled enough, etc. he would not being the greatest of all time to this day! If that doesn’t put things into perspective for you then let’s take a deeper dive.

I always like to start my day asking myself one really strong question. For instance, “What’s your why?” is a great one. It really gets your juices flowing. And it makes your think about things that truly matter: what you want to accomplish for the day; some things you want to improve on; key lessons that you would like to learn; near and dear people that you want to contact; the list goes on.

If you don’t know your goal you’ll never hit it. If you don’t shoot the shot you’ll never make it. If you don’t swing the bat you’ll never hit a homerun. If you don’t engage in continued learning you’ll never grow. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s a cause and effect relationship. One thing can’t happen without the other. To make things happen, sometimes you have to will yourself. Where there’s a will there’s a way, as the old saying goes.

So, at the very least I hope this article gave you some inspiration to go out in the world and shatter all expectations people have of you. It is possible. It just takes some hard, smart work, a dash of persistence, and writing your goals down.

Ego is the Enemy: In Business, Life, Relationships, and Then Some

I once heard from a guy by the name of Derek Sivers that you can have “anything you want”. He even wrote a book titled Anything You Want.

egoBut, he didn’t recommend that I read his book.

Instead he told me to read a book by Ryan Holiday – Ego Is The Enemy.

Considering that my mother would always preach about dropping my ego, it kind of piqued my interest. I understood this whole ego thing on a surface level. But I knew it could be beneficial to dive a little deeper.

So what is ego? The book defines ego as an unhealthy belief in your own importance.

Ego is the enemy of the following: what you want and of what you have; mastering a craft; real creative insight; working well with others; building loyalty and support; longevity; repeating and retaining your success.

How profound. To me this says that self-awareness is paramount. That there is nothing more important than the ability to evaluate one’s self.

I guess this makes sense, right? Without being able to identify yourself from a distance, and get out of your own brain, improvement seems like a real challenge, or maybe even impossible.

Think about the paradigm of the teacher-student relationship. The magic of being a student is not just that it is an elongated occurrence of instruction. It also places the ego and ambition in another persons grasp. There is a a glass ceiling truncating the ego – one knows that he does not possess a higher status than the “master” he apprentices under.

But this isn’t to be said in a negative theme. It’s actually necessary in several instances; you can’t learn if you think you already know.

Pretty simple right? I thought so too. As I continued to thumb through more pages, I really felt the material begin to solidify…

Denial is your ego refusing to believe that what you don’t like and could be factual.

Ego asks: Why in the world is this happening to me? How do I save face and prove to everyone I’m as high and mighty as they think? It’s the innate fear of even the most trivial sign of weakness.

The key thing to realize here is that any fool can learn from experience. The trick is to learn from other people’s experience.

This will put you miles ahead of everyone else. You’ll be playing chess, and your peers will be stuck on a checkers board.

Well, hope that book summary helps a little. You can apply it to your place of business, managing relationships with your friends and family, or however you please. If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me on my contact page. Look forward to my next post!